Which characteristics of satire are evident in ‘A Modest Proposal’?

Which characteristics of satire are evident in "A Modest Proposal"? Check all that apply.


1, 2, and 4 are the most logical answers.

12and 4 on edenuity


Criticism of society

verbal irony  

serious language


Satire is the literary device that enables the writer to point out the various serious issues that he wants to complain about though not directly. It rather uses humor and irony in its wordings, and is mainly used to ridicule or even bring attention to the evils or stupidity of people.

Jonathan Swift's famous satire "A Modest Proposal" proposes how the poverty and society of the Irish people can be dealt with. But this proposal also included the selling of children meat to the rich, which is quite horrendous. But with this satirical proposal, Swift intended to criticize the society and the government for not caring about its people. He also uses verbal irony and at times serious language to make his point.

Criticism of society.

Verbal irony.

Humour and ridicule.


These are the characteristics that make A Modest Proposal a satire. A satire is a text that highlights the vices and follies of a particular entity through mockery and ridicule. Most of the time, this is done in order to encourage social change. In the text, Swift criticizes society by mocking how much importance people give to money and status. He also criticized the treatment of the Irish people by the English. Swift uses verbal irony constantly, by stating things that are in fact the complete opposite of what he means. Finally, he uses humour and ridicule by giving outrageous and ludicrous proposals that highlight the injustices of society.

criticism of society

verbal irony

humor and ridicule

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