which comes first? length or width on pants measurements?

when you buy new pants, what dose 30/32 mean? 30 is the width? or length?

6 Answers

  • 30 stands for the waist size (width) and 32 would stand for the length of the inseam.

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  • first number is usually the waist, second is inseam but usually they use an x like 30x32. because 30/32 could mean something else, like the waist can fit 30-32 or something like that

  • So, when I tell a gal my peepee is 4 / 8 she will understand and not think its like a stack of 5 dinner plates, but rather the truth, like a 22oz can of budweiser o.O hehe.... ouchies!

  • i would guess width first then length,

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