Which continent does Greenland belong to?

13 Answers

  • Greenland (Greenlandic: Kalaallit Nunaat, meaning “Land of the Kalaallit (Greenlanders)”; Danish: Grønland, meaning “Greenland”) is a self-governed Danish territory. Though geographically and ethnically an Arctic island nation associated with the continent of North America, politically and historically Greenland is closely tied to Europe.

  • Greenland is located in the North American continent.

  • Greenland is owned by Denmark but It is officially part of North America…it is not a continent of its own! I mean…come on people!

  • North America

  • North America.

    Here is a great site that explains why Australia is a continent, but Greenland is just a big Island. http://users.erols.com/jcalder/CONTISLAND.html

  • North America.

  • Greenland is a part of North America. However, it is a territory of Denmark. Therefore, it is geographically part of North America and is politically part of Europe.

  • Greenland.

  • Greenland is regarded as being a continent unto itself.

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