Which device does this passage illustrate best

Which device does this passage illustrate best


B) Characterization

Explanation: Characterization is a literary device that is used to highlight and explain the details about a character in a story. In the given passage we can see an example of characterization because the speaker is using imagery to describe Banikantha, the narrator describes her through her actions for example, sitting at the waterside after her work was done, and also how she loved nature.

Option C. moral dilemma


The short except creates a situation of a dilemma in it. This was because of the unexpressed chaos that was taking place. In essence, the sentences are expressive of the dilemma that was created in the scene. An example would be the following:

The murmur of the brook, the voice of the village folk, the songs of the boatmen, the cry of the birds and the rustle of trees mingled and were one with the trembling of her heart.

The tone of language used in the figurative sense shows the chaotic scenery in the prose.

the answer is Characterization  

tragic irony

is the answer.

Based on the excerpt from the story "Subha” by Rabindranath Tagore, the device that the passage illustrate best is characterization. Characterization is a literary device that refers to a detailed introduction of a character. In this case, the little girl was introduced by describing the place where she went and how it made her feel. 
I would go with characterzation
I'd say the correct answer is D) tragic irony. Because all of that happen because of his flaws - had he not been so arrogant and proud, he would have let Antigone give her brother a proper burial, and everything would have been fine. This way, basically everybody apart from him dies.
it will be characterization 
The answer is D; tragic irony
The answer would be characterization. Hope this helped

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