Which fabric softener scent lasts the longest?

I’m currently looking for a fabric softener (or dryer sheet) that has maybe a sweet scent, but I don’t know which ones have the longest lasting effect, or if they even make a difference. I’d love to know some that would really put a smile on my face 🙂

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  • fluffy..

  • Longest Lasting Fabric Softener

  • As the other person mentioned the Gain joyful expressions apple mango tango is amazing it smeels so good and leaves your laundry smelling that way for weeks , the madrine and lime smells good also but the apple mango tango is the best !! , and I love to use the snuggle cuddle fresh dryer sheets with that my laundry still smells good and has actually made my closet smell good with using those two together .

  • For the best answers, search on this site shorturl.im/awOXn

    I huge fan of Gain and their line of products… They have a great varitey of laundry soap, liquid fabric softener, and dryer sheets…. They come in scrents like outdoor fresh, clean linen, and island fresh… If you want your clothes to stay extra fresh I suggest sticking dryer sheets in your closet… Another thing I use is my own version of homemad febreeze … I take three parts water to one part liquid frabric softener…. Once a week i lightly mist my clothes and they always smell so good …

  • I use Gain joyful expressions "Apple Mango Tango"

    I just took a nightgown out of the drawer that I washed 2 weeks ago and it still has the smell of my softener.

  • The snuggle in the blue bottle smells really good! Some shirts that are air drying our on the door and when I walk down the hallway I can smell them lol. and when you dry clothes you can still smell them and they have dryer sheets that match. Also gain the original and island fresh smell so good! Hope this helps

  • Get a downy ball and use the liquid one AND use dryer sheets. Thats what I do and it definitely lasts. I just smelled my shirt to make sure and it still smells great!

  • All with snuggle inside last.. i also agree with others about the gain mango

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