Which factors influence changes in consumer demand check all that apply

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Which factors influence changes in consumer demand? Check all that apply. market share elasticity international trade clearan
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Ans 1: The factors which affect consumer demand are: Elasticity: If it is highly rlastic, a small decrease in price would increase the quantity demanded by larger amount. Income: Consumer demand is also dependent on incoke of the consumer. If the good is normal, an increase in income of the consumer would raise the demand for normal.goods. whereas, interior goods have indirect relation between income and demand for them. International tradr: If the economy is open and allowing the fomestic residents to import from abroad, then the demand will also change when imports become cheaper, consumers will demand more of imports. Clearance sale: The consumer demand also rises when firm put a clearance sale notice.Consumers will demand and purchase more of goods and services during clearance sale. Ans 2: Correct option: There is competition and free enterprise. (in a mixed economic system, there is a blend of elements of market economy and planned economy)

Ans 3: Correct option: Because it is smart to buy when pricrs are low and smart to sell when prices are high (because when stocks have low.prices you can buy more of it with given amount and we would sell it when its price rises, just to earn capital gains on it).

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