Which food is at a temperature that allows bacteria to grow fastest servsafe?

Which food is at a temperature that allows bacteria to grow fastest servsafe?


The temperature in food that makes bacteria to grow faster is called the danger zone in which it has a temperature of 40 degrees Fahrenheit up until one hundred forty degrees Fahrenheit. Within twenty minutes with the exposure of this temperature, it has the ability to double the numbers of the bacterial growth in the food.

The correct answer is A) A roast at 125°F (52°C)


In general terms, bacteria thrive at warm temperatures; this means bacterial growth is lower at extremely hot/cold temperatures, but it is higher at warm or medium temperatures. Indeed, the ideal temperature for bacteria to develop and reproduce is between 4° C and 60°C. This implies from the options given the roast at 52°C represents an ideal temperature for the growth of bacteria. Also, other options include temperatures above 60°C, and therefore do not allow bacteria to grow well.

Warmth – the 'danger zone' temperatures at which bacteria grow best are between 5ºC and 63ºC. Food – like any other living things, germs need food to grow. High-risk foods that bacteria love best include dairy products, meat, poultry, fish and shellfish. Water – bacteria need moisture to grow.

A roast at 125 F allows bacteria to grow
A roast at 125 f will grow the most bacteria
According to research it’s 5 degrees and it can go up to 60 degrees

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