Which form of transportation has led to more efficient business in a global market?

Which form of transportation has led to more efficient business in a global market? helicopters high-speed trains tractor trailers cargo ships


cargo ships


cargo ships.


The exploration of the sea route for trade practices and huge profit supplement the new technologies in the mercantilism period. One such result was the cargo ships which have evolved since that time into more carrying capacity ships and used building material which could last up to 30 years before scrapping. Cargo ships are the large ships which are used to load and transport the commercial products to distant land by seas. The global market witnessed thousand of cargo ships transporting goods from one port to another via sea route.

the first historical instance of china engaging in internationalism was during the han dynasty.[1] at the start of the han dynasty, the huns in the north were attacking the frontiers of han and trying to obtain riches. emperor wu of han wanted to gain an alliance with a country called dayuezhi so the two countries could join together and fight against the huns.[2] to obtain this alliance, emperor wu sent zhang qian to the west to establish economic and cultural connections.[2] history records that during the han dynasty there were four primary avenues of contact between china and europe. they included the northern land route, the central land route, the southern sea route, and the far southern sea route.[1] the most famous of these routes is the central land route, or the classical silk road, comprising a network of roads stretching from northwest china to the ports of syria and the black sea, which passed through the oasis of the turkestans and northern persia.[1] the silk road was significant for chinese emperors because it provided dominance over central asia by developing resources and provided new markets for the export of china's most valuable resources.[1]

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