Which guy do i choose?

so i go away for the summers for around 2 months and there is this one guy there who i have like been with in the past but never explictly said would date and i talk to him like everyday and he came to visit me a couple of times this year but i refused to like do a long distance thing. I do like him and he knows that but the distance thing is very hard. Plus he’s like very attractive. Now summer is coming up and he talks to me like I’m his girlfriend and everything but now there is this other guy where i live. He is super nice and fun to hang out with and I’m going to prom with him so thats how this has all started. He is definily a goody two shoes so were a little different in that sense but he told me he liked me and everything but now I’m leaving in 3 weeks to go away for the summer. I did kinda start something with this guy though so and its nice but the other guy has always been there for me and we know eachtoehr so well its just hard. so what do i do?

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