which is correct? I hope “you understand” or “you’ll understand”?

Like the title says which one is correct? I hope “you understand” or “you’ll understand” or are both of them correct???? I am writing an email which one should I use??

thx in advance.

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  • If you’re saying something that you hope they’ll understand when they’re reading then you’ll. If its a current conversation i would say you.

  • They are both correct However, when writing anything formal, it is best to avoid contradictions. I was warned several times by my politic professor that I should write cannot instead of can’t. Contradiction, although part of the English language are considered to be lazy by academia. So if it is a formal e-mail you should use “you will understand” as it appears more professional.

  • Both are grammatically correct; which is correct depends on which is more accurate.

    you’ll is a contraction for you will.

    If you hope the will understand (in the future), use that. If you hope they understand right now, say you.

  • They are both correct.

    “You understand?” sounds present tense.

    “You’ll understand.” is future tense.

    You cannot replace either one with each-other because one is future tense and one is present tense. If you want to tell someone what they will understand later you say “You’ll understand”. If you teach someone something then you say “You understand?”

  • I Hope You Understand

  • They both are. I hope you understand makes since, and I hope you will understand also makes since, so they both make since and are correct grammar. Edit: Jack, you will is actually future tense.

  • – did you leave anything out?

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