Which is correct & why: “I haven’t eaten all day” or “I haven’t ate all day”?

I have searched the internet for the correct way to say this, but I can’t find anything that’s clear. Please help. I’m stumped.

Thanks ahead of time! I appreciate it!

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  • “I haven’t eaten all day” is correct. Why? because you are describing something in curren/present tense – using the word “ate” is describing an action that has already taken place, but you are describing something that has not taken place. – kind of confusing, because you are talking about the past in both, but one is an action and the other is an inaction. ( sorry, really not very good at describing why – just know it is correct).

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    totally pointless, Ulrina is correct – muscle will be eaten into as the body will search for ANY nutrients for fuel and amino acids will be used if there is no glucose available so your metabolism will slow down to a snails pace after each pound of active tissue is lost – 600 calories = 1 pound of muscle – and when you begin to eat again fat enzymes will be deposited just in case another famine is on its way so the easiest thing to lose weight is to eat 1500 cals per day and slow jog,its really no big deal….

  • ” I haven’t eaten ” is the right one

    well there are 2 ways to express the past

    u could either use the “past tense” (ate, did, grew, went )


    the “past participle tense “has/have/had eaten, has/have/had done, has/have/had gone, has/have/had grown”

    has/have/had + a verb, always go together

    and the usage of the 2 tenses depends on what kind of sentence ure constructing.

  • I haven’t eaten all day.

  • “I haven’t eaten all day.”

    “Ate” is past tense. “Have eaten” is present perfect.

  • I believe it is “eaten.” But please check out onelook.com. I believe they have a section where you can be sure and get the answer.

    Source(s): check out onelook.com. It’s an awesome online dictionary, etc. Hope this helps!
  • i haven’t eaten.

    IDK why.I just know it is.

    help me?


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