which is healthier? burgers or pasta?

my school is having pasta bar and hamburgers today. the pasta bar is where i can take my own amount of pasta an add pesto, cheese, or alfredo sauce over it. an hamburgers are just 2 regular buns, ground beef with melted cheese, but i can add tomatoes and lettuce on it.

compared which is healthier in general???

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  • Most likely the pasta has the most carbs.. but then again it will depend on the grease factor in the burger.. all in all I’d say the burger is probably the lesser of two evils.

  • I would say the burger would be the better lunch option because it has much more protein. The meat-less pasta may have fewer calories but protein keeps you full longer than carbs. Thus, you will feel hungry sooner if you have the pasta and end up eating those extra calories anyhow.

    And while adding lettuce & tomato is a good idea, it won’t count as a full serving of fruits/vegetables. So still try to have another side or two that will.

    Still, neither of these options are all that healthy. Neither hamburger & processed cheese or noodles & sauce are ideal meals. If your health is something you, your family, and your doctor are worried about I suggest bringing your own lunch – like a turkey sandwich on wheat, carrots & dip, fruit, yogurt, etc.

  • Burger most definitely has more fat and calories.

    If you’re having pasta steer clear of cheese or cream sauces (like alfredo) if you’re trying to be healthy. A tomato based sauce or pesto are probably the healthier options for sauce.

    Pasta probably has more carbohydrates, but that doesn’t necessarily translate to more calories.

    It also depends on what you mean by “healthy.” Are you trying to diet or lose weight? Or are you trying to get all the vitamins and nutrients you need? Neither are typically ideal for losing weight (though I still say the pasta is the better option) and neither by themselves have that much as far as nutrients go. It depends on what you eat with/on it.

    Fruits and vegetables are always your best bet for either dieting or nutrition. You only really need a very small amount of protein on a daily basis.

  • I would go with the pasta, even though it’s “just” white pasta and not whole wheat. You can better control what you take and eat and even though pesto sauce can have cheese in it, it still seems better than the cheese sauce or the Alfredo sauce. It would be better if you could still get the tomatoes and lettuce for vegetable too. Or, you could just get plain pasta and squirt mustard and ketchup on it (even though the ketchup would likely have artificial colors and corn syrup and/or high fructose corn syrup).

  • Pasta

  • Pasta: can be healthy for you, but has a lot carbohydrates so its only good in moderation the sauces are fattening i.e.. alfredo

    Burgers(beef) has some iron in it, but in bugers can have a lot of oil and grease. The letuce ans tomato don’t cancell this oil out. The cheese is also very fattening.

    go for the pasta if your on a diet, but you can have burgers…for a treat

    Source(s): dietitian
  • It honestly depends. Is the pasta multi-grain? A ‘serving’ of multi-grain pasta is like… 1/3 cup noodles with 1/4 cup of red sauce.

    Probably have some pasta, but utilise any fruit and vegetables you’re offered.

  • It seems like the pasta is healthier. And it seems like you have more options with the pasta to make it healthier.

  • I’d definetely say the pasta is healthier. Although I’d probably go for the burger 🙂

  • The pasta def.

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