Which is incorrect regarding fever?

Which is incorrect regarding fever? 29) a. it is associated exclusively with bacterial infections. b. it inhibits the multiplication of temperature-sensitive microorganisms. c. it is present in all vertebrates. d. it stimulates the activity of t-cells. e. when rising, a person feels cold?


A , it is associated with viral infections as well

the oxygenated blood then leaves the lungs through pulmonary veins, which return it to the left heart, completing the pulmonary cycle. this blood then enters the left atrium, which pumps it through the mitral valve into the left ventricle. from the left ventricle, the blood passes through the aortic valve to the aorta.

deoxygenated blood leaves through the right ventricle through the pulmonary artery. from the right atrium, the blood is pumped through the tricuspid valve (or right atrioventricular valve), into the right ventricle.

Place the parts of the circulatory system in the correct order to describe the flow of oxygenated an

i believe it would cause an increase of percipitation, though i could be wrong. so i would say b is the answer.

Which is an effect of an increase in ocean temperature? answer in picture!

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