Which is the healthiest serving of meat?

A. broiled fish in a light butter sauce

B. barbequed pork ribs cooked on an outdoor grill

C. baked skinless cнιcκenʙʀᴇᴀsт in tomato sauce

D. ground beef with macaroni and a cheese sauce

5 Answers

  • C is the healthiest of these. Well, it is for you - it's not very healthy for the cнιcκen. The healthiest option all round is to eliminate animal products from our diets - we really don't need them and our bodies function better without them.

  • A&C

    -fish is a good source of protein its lowcal and healthy plus ur going to eat it in light butter which is good because it contains less calories

    -baked skinlessʙʀᴇᴀsт in tomato sauce its very high protein and lowcal too because its skinless

    the beef and pork ribs can be high in fat because ur going to eat it with macaroni or chese

    stick with the fish and cнιcκen! 🙂

    add some spices!

  • C. Get rid of the butter sauce and A will be good too.

    Use Pam spray for A.

    Source(s): 25 years of weightlifting.
  • C if the portion is small enough. Butter is never light, so that rules it out. If the butter were omitted, then four ounces of poached fish with lemon juice would be fine.

  • i think its c

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