Which is the most formal of the three options below?

A. Quite displeased and upset B. Mad C. Stewing D. None of the above are more formal than the others.

2 Answers

  • A is the most formal as it means what it says. Quite displeased; possibly ironically, meaning very displeased indeed!

    Mad would only be formal if you meant insane.

    Stewing would be formal if you were talking about a casserole.

  • What do you think? If you were just chatting with a friend, you’d say “___________.” That is probably the least formal. Speaking to an adult acquaintance, you might say “______________.” That would be the middle ground.

    For an English-class essay, you’d be ore likely to say someone was “______________________.” That is your most formal option. It’s not hard. Do your own work, please.

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