Which literary movement did ambrose bierce belong?

Which literary movement did ambrose bierce belong? plato


Ambrose Bierce belonged to the 'Realism' literary movement .

Ambrose Bierce belonged to the literary movement called realism. Generally he used a characteristic style, especially in his stories: an abrupt start, dark images, vague references to time, limited descriptions, impossible events and the theme of war. Profoundly misanthropic, expressed in his writings his distrust of the human race, distrust expressed with a critical attitude that earned him the nickname of Bitter Bierce



Ambroce Bierce was one of the greatests american writers, he wrote many short novels and was a civil war veteran, one of his writtings "The Devil´s Dictionary" was named one of the greatests pieces of american literature. He developed and wrote in the literary movement called Realism, which was a period of time where people started to see reality as something that was capable of amazing and entertain the audience, this could also be because of his journalist background, many of the realism writers started as journalist, from there their fascination for reality.



the answer for plato is realism

The answer is "realism".

The correct answer is B. Realism

Ambrose Bierce belonged to realism that is the answer. 
Ambrose Bierce belonged to the 'Realism' literary movement.
Much of what Bierce wrote was particularly noted for his powers of observation and a focus on empirical evidence of the events within. He did write satire, but the way in which he presented the characters was totally unsympathetic, which suggests he would be a great fit for the naturalism movement.

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