Which names for twin boys?

My daughter’s best friend is due to have twin boys in about 2 months and they know they are going to name one of them Jaxon after the father’s younger brother who died when he was a baby, and his middle name will be Joseph after the father and the 2nd one’s middle name will be James after the mother’s father, but they aren’t sure what first name to give the 2nd baby.

Jaxon Joseph and Tristan James

Jaxon Joseph and Logan James

Jaxon Joseph and Carson James

They decided not to go with Jaiden/Jayden James as they decided they didn’t want two baby’s with the JJ initials and they decided not to go with Rylan and too many people are confusing it as being Ryan.

9 Answers

  • Jaxon and Tristan

    Jaxon and Logan

    Jaxon and Carson

    To me Jaxon and Tristan sound better together.

  • Logan James

  • I like jaxon and carson

  • Logan or Carson

  • jaxon? really? god thats awful. cant even spell jackson right, not to mention its a last name. STOP TRENDS.

  • Jaxon Joseph and Logan James

  • Jaxson Joseph and Carson James. 🙂

  • Logan James.

  • I like Tristan James best

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