Which North American colonial region was the most similar to Spain? Why?

Which North American colonial region was the most similar to Spain? Why?


1: The joint stock companies such as the Virginia Company were granted charters by the british government.

2:  The answer to this one is "To prevent Spanish and French attacks" which is correct.

3: The french made the first permanent colony in Quebec.

4:  To improve their ability to trade, because they wanted a fast way for valuable goods.  

5:  Is to worship freely

6:  Can't see the image

7:  The first option

8 The region had very good land, they had good cash crops,

And the spanish expansion.

9: is by negotiating with the indians

10: They were convinced to move off their land, they died from european diseases

they were enslaved.

The 13 colonies were in the far East Region.

Can I get Brainliest? Thx Peace...

The settlement of permanent English colonies in North America, beginning with Jamestown in

1607, further cemented the development of an already emerging and complex Atlantic World. The

convergence of North American, South American, European, and African peoples in the western

hemisphere was a complicated mix of conquest, trade, and religious mission. Spanish, French, and

English colonies existed simultaneously in North America, each with different objectives and different

approaches to the American Indians they encountered. Likewise, differences among the thirteen English

colonies existed in terms of their founding purposes, interaction with American Indians, and economic

development. England’s various North American colonies were, however, united under their mother

country’s strong focus on extracting colonial resources through mercantilism and trans-Atlantic trade

even though this objective did not always align with the colonists’ growing desire for economic, religious,

and political autonomy.

Emphasis should be placed on the regional geographic, economic, religious, and political

differences that existed between England’s Southern, Mid-Atlantic, and New England colonies.

It was known as New England



I mean I might be dumb but dont they both speak spanish mostly? if so then that's why.

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