Which of mendel’s laws or principles states that gametes carry one allele for each trait?

Which of mendel's laws or principles states that gametes carry one allele for each trait? a)principle of dominance b) law of independent assortment c) law of segregation d) law of genetics


Law of segregation states that gametes carry one allele for each trait
As it states that
that during the production of gametes the two copies of each hereditary factor segregate during the production of gametes  so that offspring acquire one of the two allele  from each parent
so option C is correct
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Law of segregation states that gametes carry one allele for each trait  

Further Explanation:

Allele refers to the variant type of the gene. DNA is made up of nucleotides and contains genetic information in the form of genes. If two copies of the same alleles present in an organism; its genotype is called homozygous. If two copies of different alleles present in an organism, its genotype is called heterozygous. The Gregor Mendel developed the inheritance laws by performing research on pea plants. He gives three main laws of inheritance in the conclusion. Three laws of Mendel are:

Law of Segregation: It states that every organism consist of two alleles for each trait, and these alleles segregate by the process of meiosis. So, each gamete consists of one allele from one parent. Law of Independent Assortment: It states that the separation of alleles for one gene takes place independently of any other gene. Principle of Dominance: When a homozygous dominant individual is crossed with the homozygous recessive individual the resultant offspring has the genotype which is heterozygous and phenotype which is dominant. So, the dominant gene has masked the characteristic of recessive gene.

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C. Law of segregation is the Mendel's law that states that gametes carry one allele for each trait.



Heyo, Your answer would be C, law of segregation. Tell me if I'm correct.

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law of segregation


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The correct answer is "law of segregation".


Gregor Mendel's law of segregation states that gametes carry one allele for each trait. Furthermore, Mendel explained that during gamete formation the parent cells separate or segregate its alleles independently. When the two independent gametes are united during fertilization (the union of the egg and the sperm), each gamete carrys one allele for trait and they are randomly united into the zygote. This characteristic is what governs the laws of inheritance of genetic alleles in organisms reproduced sexually, such as humans.



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C you can find his research and has all the examples
C. The law of segregation. Hope this helps.

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