Which of the following adaptations is typical of marine mammals?

Which of the following adaptations is typical of marine mammals? a. thick layer of blubber b. body covered in thick fur c. webbed hands and feet d. breathing apparatus on the sides of the head


Out of the following choices, a thick layer of blubber is an adaptation typical of marine animals. 

letter A


C) Webbed Hands and Feet


Allows easier Swimming

I believe the answer is a. thick layer of blubber

Mammal is an warm-blooded animal that need to keep their body warm. Organ that could insulate the heat would be beneficial to keep the temperature, like layer of fat or thick fur. The example of marine mammals would be dolphin, whale, sea lion and polar bear. Thick fur will not give much benefit for mammals in water, so only polar bear have thick fur. But all of them has thick layer of blubber, so option A will be the most appropriate.

The right answer is a. thick layer of blubber

Blubber is a layer of subcutaneous fat, dense and vascularized. It is one of the characteristics of marine mammals that can represent up to 50% of the mass of an individual of certain species at a phase of their life.

Blubber is highly vascularized, with high collagen fiber content, and serves these animals as insulation and energy reserve but also plays a hydrodynamic and flotation role. Blubber was the main reason for whaling.

The thickness of this fat layer is considered indicative of the good health of some whales.

C. Webbed hands and feet
I think the correct answer from the choices listed above is option A. A thick layer of blubber is the adaptation that is typical of marine mammals. This adaptation allow the animals to be warm in water. It consists of a thick layer of fat. Hope this answers the question.
The answer is A. Thick Layer Of Blubber

- Body covered in thick fur is typical of mammal in the mountain environment
- Webbed hands and feet is typical of amphibian
- Breathing apparatus on the sides of the head is typical for marine animals that is not mammals such as fish

Thick layer of blubber usually found in marine mammals such as seal. It consist of thick layer of fat to keep them warm under water

Hope this help you out

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