Which of the following are limitations of antibiotics?

Part E Which of the following are limitations of antibiotics? Select all that apply. View Available Hint(s) Mass production o


C. Antibiotics may be toxic D. Antibiotics are not effective in treating viral infection E. Treatment with antibiotics can lead to emergence of resistant strains

  • With modern technology production of antibiotics have become more efficient and therefore they can be mass produced. This makes them cheaper. (The generic antibiotics are cheaper to customer, branded antibiotics may cost higher)
  • Some antibiotics are toxic. They may cause damage to liver (commonly seen with streptomycin, rifampicin), kidney damage, damage to normal gut Flora
  • They are ineffective in treating viral infection because virus integrate it’s genome with host cell. Antiviral drugs (like zidovudine) are used in viral infection
  • It is important to complete the course of antibiotics. Their use is associated with development of resistant strains, for example penicillin resistant staph aureus, MRSA (methacilllin resistant staph aureus)

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