Which of the following are true regarding ipv4?

QUESTION 10 What is true regarding IPv4? O a. IPv4 is based upon the packet switching concept that guarantees packet deliveryQUESTION 13 Select the correct statement(s) regarding TCP. a. TCP is a connectionless protocol O b. TCP uses port assignments QUESTION 19 Select the correct statement(s) regarding DHCP. a. DHCP is used to extend limited IPv4 addressing, therefore ther QUESTION 22 Select the correct statement(s) regarding the TCP windowing concept. O a. once TCP establishes a connection betQUESTION 24 Select the correct statement(s) regarding IPv4 Addresses. O a. IETF CIDR format enables ISPs to subnet their pack


10) What is true regarding IPv4 C. IPv4 Asia connectionless protocol that is ” best effort” only. 13). Select correct statement regarding TCP b). TCP uses port assignments to deliver packets to the correct applications. 19). Select the correct statements regarding DHCP b). DHCP enables IP address assignments through mutual ,automatic, and dynamic process. 22). Select the correct statement regarding TCP windowing concept C). the windowing mechanism is used to control network congestion by changing Windows size as network conditions change.


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