Which of the following best describes a benefit of one type of nonrenewable energy?

A. Coal is relatively inexpensive compared to other forms of energy.

B. Natural gas does not produce greenhouse gases as other energy sources do.

C. Nuclear power does not produce any form of pollution.

D. Petroleum can be found nearly anywhere and is easily extracted.

is it "A"?

3 Answers

  • You got it.

    C is close, but a lot of people consider thermal "pollution" from cooling water discharges to be pollution.

    In Florida, this discharge keeps manatees from freezing to death in cold winters.

  • a million . Ya its A , because of the fact legumious plant harbours nitrogen fixing bacteria which will improve the fertility of soil by using changing atmospheric nitrogen into soluble nitrates. 2 a three i think of its C Nuclear ability does not produce any air pollution or launch carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide into the ambience. as a result, it does not make a contribution to international warming or greenhouse. nonetheless The waste made out of the nuclear fission of uranium is poisonous , and particularly radioactive …. wish I even have helped.

  • yeah its a,

    renewable energy right now is expensive

    and fossil fuels are cheaper

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