Which of the following best illustrates homeostasis? (3 points)

Which of the following best illustrates homeostasis? (3 points)

O All organs in the human body are composed of the same four kinds of tissues. O Cells use various forms of transport to move materials through the cell membrane. O When CO2 levels in the blood Increase, the body responds by breathing faster to release CO2. O When you touch a hot stove, you instantly pull back your hand before your brain processes the pain.


I’m pretty sure it’s C.

The body is trying to maintain the CO2 levels in the body by releasing it when there is too much.

#1- During the 1800s, the population of New York City B) increased over each decade

#2- Between 1800 and 1890, the population of New York City B) Increased more than 2 million

#3-This map supports the idea that urbanization D) was more likely to occur near water for transport and energy needs

#4- This map shows changes in A) city development overtime

#5- To provide clear running water, Philadelphia B) controlled the flow of its steams with underground pipes

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#1- The chart shows an increase over each decade. This means it is option B. We can come to this conclusion by looking at the rise of the dates and population number.

#2- The chart shows a dramatic increase. By eliminating all of the other options due to the fact everything increased and not the opposite, the answer must be B. We can also look at the left side of the chart to see the number of people living in New York increasing by more than two million.

#3- The picture clearly shows the idea that urbanization led to more Americans who preferred city living in the 1800s. We know from the charts that more people moved to New York during the 1800s, we can also see a lot of buildings in the picture. This leads me to conclude the answer must be B.

#4- Looking at the picture I believe the answer is A. I do not see the difference between residential or business areas, the water level, or the amount of trade being conducting. This leads me to conclude that A is the only correct option.

#5- I do not know this answer due to the lack of readable context and the fact that I do not take your course. I would need a date.

I hope my time and effort suffices your quench for knowledge. Have an amazing day and never stop learning! 🙂

Brainstorming is a group activity which is done to find a conclusion for a problem by gathering list of ideas from all the group members.

To improve the brainstorming process, leader should try to establish short brainstorming sessions. The problem is already identified i.e. to design the feature for smartphone and if the sessions are kept short, then the team members will automatically stay focused. This will lead to increased interaction among the team members.

Therefore, the correct answer is establish short brainstorming sessions

The Major Components in the Given List below:

High end linens: click 600-thread-count sheets, Double-thick bath towels, Silk pillowcases, Raw silk curtains with gold embellishments.

Affordability: $100/night four-star rooms, Free snacks, shampoo, and conditioner, Free wireless Internet.

Food and drinks: Coffee maker with selected teas, Imported beer, Fresh-squeezed juices

Therefore, the correct answer is(High -end linens, affordability, food and drink

This is a direct message to the employee to make the reports of good quality unlike the previous year.

Therefore, the correct answer is 'Direct

My guess would be A.

One drawback of transferring RAW files directly to his computer to save and share them is that the photos have a much larger file size than JPG files ( A )


Raw format of pictures keeps the original characteristics of the picture such as the contrast and the sharpness of the pictures without compression or processing . The raw file format is larger than the JPG file format because in the JPG file format the pictures undergo some sort of compression and formatting.

Smaller file sizes are easier to share and transfer, hence the disadvantage to Miguel using the raw format is the difficulty in transferring he file to his computer and also sharing it.

using RAW doesn't make picture look smaller in anyway.

Option (a) is correct.


For us to be able to visualize an object, there are basic processes that takes place in a split second.

First Light which strike the object reflect into our eye. This reflected light passes through the pupil as the iris gives way for it. This light moves through other layers and impinges on the retina and stimulates it. This is the process of within the eye processing. The light is then converted to a signal by the optic nerve and sent to the brain for interpretation. The image produced by the retina is inverted. The brain helps to interpret this image as upright. This is the reason why we see objects just the way they are

parietal lobe


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