Which of the following descriptions applies to most protists

Which of the following descriptions applies to most protists


Where are the choices?

The correct answer is: unicellular prokaryotes.


Protists are living organisms that are eukaryotes but are not animal, plants or fungus. Protists consist of only one cell and do not share many similarities with other types of protists.

Some of them reproduce sexually, and some do not. Some protists are autotrophic, others are heterotrophic and others are mixotrophic.

Some examples of protists are: amoeba, ciliates, plasmodium and diatoms.

English philosopher


Both John Locke and Thomas Hobbes are very well-known english philosphers for their massive contribution to the field of english philosophy and related fields such as political philosophy as well. Both are also fairly known for their contribution in English Enlightment or widely known as just Enlightment.

Both shared common world views and some extreme views unfit for current times but were substantially great for their times.

Hobbes believed that being selfish and bad is people's nature so need for absolute monarch or authority is a must as it will keep people's behavior in check and establish societal peace and prosperity.

Locke had similar perspectives on nature of people and is well known for his ideas about rebellion and government's role. He viewed government as this entity which is in place to protect people's rights so if government doesn't do that people have right to overthrow it and make a new one.

Option-(A):The signal sequence is recognized and bound by a receptor protein in the organelle's outer membrane.


The mitochondria are also termed as the "power house's" of the cell structures, as there is more to create energy for the body inside the cell organelle. However, there are certain amino acid chains or simply the proteins which are required for sustaining the over all structure of the cell's organelle. As, there are some protein on the outside of the organelle known as porin. While, the organelle itself is involved in the electron transport chain that occurs inside the cell body for generation of the optimum level of energy for the organism to carry out various functions for its survival.
The following descriptions apply to either mitochondrial import or nuclear import. Choose all the st

c. unicellular eukaryotes


Just did the test its c have a great day.

I'm not a history buff but this sounds like Thomas Jefferson. I know he, Benjamin Franklin, didn't write the  Declaration of Independence.



C. A Single Cell Organism
Definitely would be A) Unicellular Prokaryotes
The correct answer is (c.) unicellular eukaryotes. Unicellular eukaryotes apply to most protists. Protists are grouping of eukaryotic cells that do not form any natural group. These eukaryotes include the Golgi apparatus and mitochondria, and for plants they include chloroplasts. 

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