Which of the following does not influence one’s body composition?

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Question 21 Which of the following does not influence ones body composition? O Metabolism Financial problems O Childhood obe

Question 22 1 pts Sandra ate about 2,000 calories yesterday. She was not feeling well, so she laid around and watched TV all

Question 23 1 pts Sandra wants to improve her body composition. Four of her friends have given her advice. Analyze the senten

Question 24 1 pts yourself of foods you enjoy, you may come to dislike When you consistently the healthier food options. Cue

Question 25 1 Maintaining a healthy weight comes down to moderation and O Serving size O Portions Nutrients consumed Protein

Question 26 When comparing convenience diet food to organic foods, we can conclude That organic food is more expensive. That

Question 27 The benefits of physical fitness do not include an improvement in mood. True O False

Question 28 Which statement is most correct about self-esteem? O Self-esteem can fluctuate depending on circumstances. O Self

Question 29 1 pts How does a food pyramid help individuals eat a healthy diet? O A food pyramid illustrates the chemicals and

Question 30 1 pts Once someone has succumbed to they have an unnatural thinness due to the loss of fatty tissue and muscle th


Ans: - which of the following does not influence comes body composidion Financial problems Euplanation -- Financial problem don a->@0) which stalement is most convert about self-estem? Ang.. self-esteem cap fluctuate depending on circumstances, Explanote : iam extremely sorry,iam not Ans 22,23,24,29&30 questions.iam sorry

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