Which of the following does not relate to system design?

d. The human relations movement e. Development of management science technique 8. Which of the following does NOT relate to system design? a. system capacity b, Location of facilities Inventory management d. Selection and acquisition of equipment e. Arrangement of departments system? 9. Which of the following is NOT an emphasis in a lean production a. Price b, High quality c, worker involvement d. Continual improvement 10. e. customer satisfaction manufacturing competi Which of the following is NOT an ongoing trend in a. Globalization b. Quality improvement c. Flexibility and agility Mass production e. Technological advances


8. The correct answer is option c.

Inventory management is the process by which inventory and stock items are supervized. Inentory management is the proper management of flow of goods from manufacturers to warehouses to the point of sale. Inventory management is important for the organization that requires inventory. It is area of system operation and does not relate to system design.

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