Which of the following forces us to make choices?

Which of the following forces us to make choices? scarcity trade-offs opportunity cost money


I would say Scarcity can force us to make choices, but also opportunity cost, so its either A or C

The answer is scarcity

A.    100 % correct i just did the test

1) Decrease
2) Trade-offs
This should help you.
1. The first one is called opportunity cost.
2. Not enough to go around. By definition, scarcity means limited resources. In our society it’s nearly impossible to obtain every want due to limits on time, money, and other resources. So we must make choices as to which “wants” are the priority. So scarcity.

Opportunity cost


Opportunity cost is known to be the benefit an individual would have enjoyed if he or she had done not something else. It is the sacrifice made in choosing between two options when taking decision. For example: choosing between doing homework or watching a programme on television. Thus, if an individual decide to do the homework, watching a programme on television is the alternative forgone which is the opportunity cost.

your answer would be opportunity costs

Explanation: because i had the quiz earliy this morning

1. decrease

2. Trade-offs


1. You would have to decrease the price to try and influence the sales to be higher ones again by making the product cheaper

2. Trade-offs force you to decide whether or not you want the other item someone else has badly enough, that you would be willing to sacrifice something else you have (that you still really like)

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Opportunity cost


The first answer explains it all as well but just to be clear,

1. Opportunity Cost.

For example,  you didn't buy the dress, but instead bought a new laptop. The opportunity cost is the amount of time / hours you used the laptop to play games or to do whatever.

2. Scarcity.

Lets say you don't have enough money for some sneakers but you also want to buy something you have enough money for. Would you save or buy the other item?

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