Which of the following is a correct statement about mrna

which of the following is a correct statement about mRNA HCc question

penVellumHMAC 6411625039a6Becdc9931d1051a9ee7#10001 b Search logy 2301 Which of the following is a cormect statement about mRNA? > View Available Hins) Segments of mRNA that code for protem are removed before translation RNA Includes a cap that consists of extra adenine nucleobdes MRNA binds directly to amino acids d RNAOves from the nudleus to the tyfoplasm lowing RNA processing MRNAlis ranscri e ytopiasm ring tranulation bed from DNA hh Part


Correct statment about mRNA is mRNA includes a cap that consist of extra adenine nucleotide (non coding segment of mRNA called introns are removed before translation, mRNA are attached to ribosomes for translation not to amino acids , mRNA moves to cytoplasm after processing in nucleus, mRNA transcribed from DNA in nucleus.)

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