Which of the following is a key reason to include hyperbole in a literary work?

Which of the following is a key reason to include hyperbole in a literary work?

I. to add humor Il. to heighten effect III. to create suspense


A. I & II

is the answer

l and ll is the answer c:

one, two, and three


the answer should be b

The right answer is I and II.

Hyperbole can be defined as an overstatement or exaggeration that can be used for dramatic effect or to help paint a word picture. Example: “I’m dying of hunger.” For this matter, hyperbole can be used to add humor and to heighten effect.


The correct answer is "to heighten effect."

Hyperbole refers to the use of an exaggeration. When a writer uses hyperbole, it means that he is exaggerating a point in order to heighten its effect. 

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Hyperbole: exaggerated statements, usually not meant to be taken seriously, often used for emphasis. For example, "I'm so hungry I could eat a horse" is a hyperbole.

As such, we can guess that hyperboles typically aren't used for creating suspense, which easily knocks three answers out of the way. Hope I could help.

I believe that there are two key reasons to include hyperbole in a literary work - one of them is to heighten an effect, and the other one is to add humor. Therefore, I'd say the correct answer is I and II. Hyperbole is exaggeration - writers often use this figure of speech in order to mock somebody by exaggerating their features in order to ridicule them.
I think it would be to heighten the effect. I think it is this because it would help you add more of an effect on certain things snd help you explain certain objects or people. It will also make you belive how heavy something is etc. 
It could be all three

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