Which of the following is a pair of transgenic organisms?

Which of the following is a pair of transgenic organisms? a) an amoeba and a hybridized peach tree b) a bt corn plant and a polyploid banana tree c) a hybridized peach tree and a polyploid banana tree d) bacteria that make human insulin and a bt corn plant


The correct answer would be d) bacteria that make human insulin and a Bt corn plant.

An organism that contains and/or expresses a transgene or foreign gene is termed transgenic organism.

Bacteria that make human insulin contain and express human genes which code for A and B chain of insulin.

Similarly, Bt cotton is also a transgenic organism as it contains and expresses cry gene isolated from bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis. It provides pest resistance to the plant.

Thus, option d contains a pair of transgenic organisms.

The bacteria that can help in the production of human insulin and a BT corn plant is an example of transgenic organism.

Further Explanation:

Transgenic organisms are widely used these days. It consists of foreign DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid). It is a part of biotechnology. It is described as the genetic material of other species or the recombinant DNA of the same species is reintroduced in the body of the organism. The process that is used to create a whole new organism that has a permanent change in their germline is called transfection or transformation. It is important to research tool and it is related to medical practice such as gene therapy.

The genetic makeup of an organism is changed or modified in order to form a whole new organism. It helps in creating or producing something new by using the whole new genome. The most commonly used organism is bacteria. They have an ability to grow rapidly and their production can be controlled in the laboratory. Bacteria is used for insulin production. Insulin is a hormone that is naturally produced by the pancreas. Artificial synthesize insulin is used for the treatment of diabetes. The genes can be transferred through embryonic stem cell transfer. BT corn plant is another example of atransgenic organism.

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During differentiation, certain genes are activated to produce proteins that enable specific functions.

3. Meiosis results in offspring with genotypes that are not exact copies of the parents.

4. DNA replication occurs before the division of the nucleus.

5. I can't answer without the image.

6. ovary cells (and testes in males)

7. I can't answer without the image.

8. It was passed to the individual by a gamete from the father.

9. 3n

The explanations are mentionned in the attached file.

1. The right answer is 25%

2. The right answer is anti-codon.

3. The right answer is C.

4. The right answer is True

5. The right answer is D.

6. The right answer is D

7. The right answer is A

9. The right answer is A. Inbreeding.

10. The right answer is D.

11. The right answer is meiosis.

12. The right answer is one allele for each gene.

13. The right answer is dominanace and segregation.

Soo wwas this correcct

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