Which of the following is not a difficulty in establishing patent protection?

Which of the following is not a difficulty in establishing patent protection? O A. The requirement that the work reflect some
Which of the following terms refers to significant disparities in access to computers and the Internet among different social
Businesses use tools to search and analyze unstructured data sets, such as emails and memos. O A. Hadoop OB. web mining O C.
OLAP enables users to view data from different perspectives. O O True False
In linking databases to the web, the role of the application server is to host the DBMS. O O True False



Answer: C. The requirement that the work must be a secret

Reason: Patents require work to be original or novel but need not be a secret.


Answer: B. Digital divide


Digital divide refers to the gap between those with access to computers and internet as compared to with those who do not.


Answer: E. Text Mining

Reason: Text mining enables businesses to search and analyse text data that is in the unstructured form, such as emails, memos, transcripts, survey reponses etc.

4) Answer: True

Reason: OLAP allows users to analyze information from multiple database systems at the same time thus enabling to view business data from different points of view.

5) Answer: False.

Reaon: Database server hosts the DBMS not the application server.

Application servers host business logic (that constitute both web and desktop applications), and it thus provides the functionality needed to build and run dynamic content.

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