Which of the following is not secreted by the pancreas?

Which of the following is not secreted by the pancreas? Select one: O a. insulin O b. glucagon O c. somatostatin O d. amylin
Why do we need oxygen? Select one: O a. It activates pepsinogen into pepsin O b. It is needed for glycolysis to occur O c. It


Answer   1. Option E) Somatotropin – Pancreas has three types of endocrine cells. – Alpha cells secrete glucagon. – Beta cells secrete insulin – Delta cells secrete Somatotropin 2. Option D) Hypothyroidism – Iodine is main component of the thyroid hormone. – Deficiency of iodine will impair production of thyroid in follicular cells. – It will lead to lack of thyroid hormone secretion. 3. Option C) It is the final acceptor of electron in electron transport chain – Oxygen is required for all the metabolic pathways in the body. – In cellular respiration, aerobic pathways require abundant oxygen supply. – The final acceptor of electron in the ETC is oxygen. 4. Option C) Both type I and type II DM are characterized by lack of or low levels of insulin – In type I DM due to destruction of beta cells, insulin is not secreted. – It creates lack of insulin.

– In Type II DM , insulin is secreted normally but the receptors are resistant.

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