Which of the following is true about a carbonated soft drink?

A.) The water is the solution, and carbon dioxide is the solvent.

B.) The carbon dioxide is the solution, and the water is the solvent.

C.) The water is the solvent, and the carbon dioxide is the solute.

4 Answers

  • C.) The water is the solvent, and the carbon dioxide is the solute.

    Just keep this in mind that Water is a universal solvent and when present in a solution is more often called the solvent.

    The mixture of a solute and a solvent is reffered to as a Solution.

    Carbondioxide is the Solute

  • The first two mention "solution". "Solution" describes the mixture of the solute and solvent together. CO2 is the solute and H2O is solvent. Go with (C).

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  • C

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