Which of the following statements about anabolic pathways is true?

Choice - Chapter 6 - Question 3 Part A Which of the following is true for anabolic pathways? They consume energy to build pol
Part D What name is given to the reactants in an enzymatically catalyzed reaction? reactors substrate active sites products S
Submit Request Answer Part E As a result of its involvement in a reaction, an enzyme is unchanged permanently alters its shap
Energy Reactants Products enzyme energy uphill substrate energy ATP energy of activation Submit Request Answer


A) anabolic pathways use energy, large molecules are made using small molecules, ( polymers are made using monomers), the anabolic reactions also use enzymes and the reaction requires energy, they use the energy of ATP, anabolic reactions are usually endergonic so it has positive change of the free energy so the reaction is not spontaneous so the answer is They consumer energy to build polymers from monomers. D) the reactants in an enzyme-catalyzed reaction is called substrates, the active site is the site where the substrates bind, substrates are converted to products after the reaction.so the answer is Substrate. E) enzyme catalyze the reaction but the enzyme remains unchanged it can be used in other reactions so the answer is

is unchanged.

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