Which of the following statements about botnets is not true?

The term cracker is used to identify a hacker with criminal or malicious intent. O O True False
Cross-selling is the marketing of complementary products to customers. O O True False
software modules deal with setting employee objectives, performance, and compensation. O A. DRM OB. SFA OC. PRM OD. ERM QE. S
Which of the following statements about botnets is not true? O A. Botnets are often used to perpetrate DDoS attacks. OB. Eigh
Which of the following is a type of ambient data? O A. Data that has been recorded over O B. Computer log containing recent s


1. Answer: TRUE Rationale: Cracker is a term used for hackers who try to gain access into computer systems without any authorization. 2. Answer: TRUE Rationale: Cross selling is a technique used by marketers where they try to sell additional products or services to their customers. 3. Answer: ERM Ratio: ERM refers to Enterprise Resource Management. ERM aims at an increasing the overall efficiency of the organisation by managing the company resources. 4. Answer: It is not possible to make a smartphone part of a botnet Rationale: A botnet is generally a group of internet connected devices which are usually run by bots and is used by attackers to access a particular device and its connection. A smartphone can be made a part of a botnet. 5. Answer: A file deleted from a hard disk

Rationale: Ambient Data is data on the computer which cannot be utilized in normal operations.

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