Which of the following statements about ddntps is true?

can someone help me with thse last questions

6 of Part A Which of the following statements about ddNTPs is true? Vlew Available Hint(s) They have an oxygen at the 2 carb

6 of 9 Part B DNA fragments that are 600 bp long will migrate more quickly through a sequencing gel than fragments that are 1
6 of 9 Part C Which of the following statements about ma Sanger sequencing is true? Vlew Availlable Hint(s) The DNA sequence


Part C:

DNA sequencing is molecular method of determining the order of nucleotides within a DNA molecule. Sanger’s dideoxy method is the predominantly used procedure for DNA sequencing. In this method template strand is used to sequence, and hence the resultant sequence which is read from the bottom to the top is complementary to that strand.

Hence, the correct statement is the DNA sequence obtained is complementary to the template strand.

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