Which of the following statements about genes is incorrect?

a) Genes correspond to segments of dna.

b)Genetic differences can result from changes in the dna called mutations.

c) under normal circumstances, each chromosome contains precisely one gene.

d) Many genes contain the information needed for cells to synthesis enzymes and other proteins.

e) during fertilization, both the sperm and the ovum contribute genes to the resulting fertilized egg.

9 Answers

  • c. See the link for an indepth discussion.

  • C - chromosomal composition consists of multitudes of genes, not one singular gene.

    I would also reword A ... either correspond by genetic identification (certain DNA sequences for a specific gene) or genes are comprised of specific DNA segments.

  • C certainly isn't. A chromosome can have millions and millions of genes.

  • C is the incorrect statement

  • c

  • the answer is C

  • god have made the world with all the good and bad


  • C

  • C

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