Which of the following statements about stress is true?

Which of the following statements about stress is tWhich of the following statements about stress is true? Multiple Choice Employees are the most productive when they experiencrue?


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Stressors are any triggering event or situation that leads to stress. They always have to precede stress. What is a stressor can differ from person to person as it depends on their vulnerability and sensitivity to a stressor. There are 2 kinds of stressors- daily hassles which are day to day minor occurrences that cause us to temporarily feel stressed such as losing your keys, submitting an assignment late, etc and there are major stressors that mostly all people get stressed about. It is more severe in intensity and more long term such as divorce, starting a new job, breakups, death, debts, etc

Why the other options are incorrect because -

1) Employees need slight stress to be motivated to perform. If you have no stress it means that you are relaxed and chill on a vacation. Little stress is good because it pushes you to complete your targets and work assignments on time. It becomes bad when it is excessive and prolonged

2 & 5) Stress is both physiological and psychological because we have a psychological perception of the level of the stressors and then simultaneously experience the physiological reactions. Psychological refers to your feeling of control and the feeling of how much you can handle if the stressor is not within your capabilities. It is a highly subjective experience because everyone’s psychological perception differs. Some people find it difficult and stressful to travel to university on time while another person in the same situation would find completing assignments on time as stressful. You even may have noticed that during a test there are some who are confident because they studied well and therefore are not stressed while some who studied but feel underprepared and feel stressed and there are those that did not study at all and are the most stressed.

The physiological reactions of stress include high heart rate, breathing rate, excessive sweating, stomach or backache, headaches, constipation, etc

4) When the person is stressed, more blood is pumped into the body because your body’s sympathetic nervous system is now activated to fight the stressor. It is like a signal to mobilize its resources and function in full power. As a result, more blood is required in the body. More blood means higher heart rate. A higher heart rate means faster breathing rate and that means the body temperature increases and you start sweating and basically all the other physiological reactions get activated.


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