Which of the following statements is true of soluble fibers?

Which of the following statements is true of soluble fibers? a. They are not viscous. b. They retain their tough texture after being cooked. c. They impart gel-like characteristics to foods. d. They always resist fermentation. e. They are tough and stringy.


The answer is "Option C".


The soluble fiber was fiber and in the diet which is prescribed to increase metabolism, reduce cardiovascular problems, cure constipation, and is ideal for patient diabetes.

This consumes food water and provides support with gel-like characteristics, which are rich in fiber in foods like rice, fruits, and bovines.   They all are essential for fitness, digestion, and preventive medicine. It draws in liquid(water) while absorption and transforms into a gel. It slows it down the digestive cycle.

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The answer should be a
Which protist shown above cannot be considered to be a plant-like protist? a)euglena viridis b)am

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