Which of the following statements is true of the pine life cycle?

Which of the following statements to true of the p


23). c. Ovule.

Both gymnosperms and angiosperms contain ovule.

Gymnosperms were the first seed plants they produce two kinds of gametophytes. Male gametophytes are called pollen grains and female gametophyte is called ovum. Pollen is transferred to an ovule by wind, insects and other agents, thus fertilization occurs. This wind pollination of gymnosperms is inherently inefficient and led to the evolution of angiosperms.

Angiosperms are the flowering plants, in which the ovule is completely enclosed by sporophyte tissue. Flowers are the reproductive organs of the angiosperms, the attractive colours and shape of the flowers induce insects and other animals to carry the pollen. Parts of the flower develop into the seed and the fruit after fertilization.

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