Which of the following statements supports the argument that viruses are nonliving?

84. Which of the following supports the argument that viruses are nonliving? A. They are not cellular. C. They have RNA rathe


84 - Viruses do evolves. Some virus such as influenza mutates their protein to evade the immune system.

Some virus has RNA and some virus has DNA as their genetic material.

Their DNA encodes for protein which makes virus particles.

Virus are not cellular as they cannot replicate outside the cell, they cannot produce ATP  

So the correct answer is option A.

85 - Viruses cannot produce ATP. so option A and D are wrong.

The virus injects their genetic material in the host cell and the genetic material is then utilized for the synthesis of protein.

So option B is the correct answer.

86 - Reverse transcriptase converts RNA into DNA.

So option A is the correct answer.

Reverse transcriptase only uses the viral RNA to make DNA not host cell RNA.

Translation of viral RNA is done by translational machinery

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