which one is correct, you are more than welcome or welcomed to stop by?

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  • More than welcome.

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    which one is correct, you are more than welcome or welcomed to stop by?

  • The form without the D is correct. Put a D on”welcome” only when it’s very obviously being used as a verb: “They welcomed us to their home.”

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    Ok..just chill. This is obviously a little magical prank someone pulled on you. Leprechauns do not have the power to turn humans. Their niche in the universe is to circulate luck–both bad and good–to keep the cosmic balance. They travel through unseen psychic rainbows, and although they can be pranksters, they are not evil. It seems, from what you described, someone cast a transfiguration hex on you, most likely through an invocation of Hecate and Diana. This is easily undone. In an incense cauldron, burn sage and tobacco. Hold a chalice of wine above a white candle and add a bay leaf to it. This is your libation to the gods. Say the following supplication. “Diana, Hecate! I grant thee license to depart. Goddess of creatures great and small, I conjure thee to withdraw.” Drop a strand of your own hair into the chalice, and immediately blow out the candle. If leprechauns are actually pestering you and you see one, try this Irish spoken amulet for banishing mystical mischief makers. “BEANNACHT LIBH!” (which means farewell and is a politer way to tell a leprechaun to piss off) If the leprechaun is stubborn, try this. “DEREVAUN SERAUN! DEREVAUN SERAUN!” (“The end of pleasure is pain.” This will surely drive them away, but don’t expect them to share their pot of gold with you any time soon.)

  • Off course,welcome is correct,you can say welcome to stop by,thank you.

  • but in the example you are more than welcome, you are using welcome as a verb so it should be your are more than welcomed.

  • You are more than welcome to stop by.


    You are welcome to stop by.

  • The first one – absolutely.

  • You Re More Than Welcome

  • more than welcome.

    you are more than welcome to rate my answer as the best :p!

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