Which one of the following championed nationalism and denounced nullification?

Which one of the following championed nationalism and denounced nullification? a. daniel websterb. henry clayc. andrew jacksond. john c. calhoun


The answer is A

"D" Daniel Webster


it would be daniel webster


daneil webster should be the anwser

Daniel Webster ( D )


Daniel Webster was born 1782 and he was a congressman representing new Hampshire and Massachusetts. he  also served as a secretary of state in the government of William Henry Harrison, John Tyler and Millard Fillmore.

Daniel Webster was very popular for his role in championing/supporting the federal government roles in the governance of the American people. he was a very great Orator and people listened to him so he was able to push forward the cause of Nationalism and denounced Nullification. Daniel Webster was a very active lawyer during his days as well.

Daniel Webster died October 24 1852 in Massachusetts

Daniel Websterchampioned nationalism and denounced nullification.

Further Explanations:

Daniel Webster an American Legislator who epitomized New Hampshire and Massachusetts in the congress. He aided as the Secretary of the State under the Presidentship of William Harry Harrison, Millard, Fillmore, and John Tyler. He became a prominent attorney during the Marshall Court and spent the rest of his career being a member of the National Republican Party, Whig Party, and the Federalist Party.  

He established a positive legal practice in New Hampshire and Portsmouth and later emerged as the protuberant opponent of the conflict of 1812. After achieving prominence he started campaigning for nationalism and denounced the nullification theory. His appeal concluded that liberty and union are for one and forever and can’t be taken away or acquired by anyone. His speeches made him a nationalist hero in the northern part and criticized the nullification theory throughout the region.  

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During 1816-1824, the US governement enacted some tariffs at a high rate. This tariffs were widely rejected by some prominent figures like Andrew Jackson, Francis Preston Blair and others.

A prominent man who defended the tariffs, which were enacted with a protectionsist purpose, was John Calhoun. The states and representatives against the tariffs claimed a Nullification over the tariffs as they considered them anti-constitutional. This was known as the Nullification Crisis.


Daniel webster should be your anwer
Daniel Webster

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It would be (A)  Daniel Webster. 

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