which one of the following groups of words is a fragment?

A. Strolling in the park on a summer afternoon.

B. In December, we usually take a skiing trip.

C. The Carters enjoy vacationing at the lake.

D. Talking on the phone is her favorite pastime.

5 Answers

  • A. is the only group of words that is not a complete sentence (i.e. with a subject and a verb as in B we and take, C. the Carters and enjoy and D. Talking and is) and therefore that is the fragment. It needs finishing, e.g. Strolling in the park on a summer afternoon IS something I love to do.

  • The fragment is A because there is no subject in the group of words. If it said “I went strolling…” then it would be a complete sentence.

    Source(s): My Brain.
  • A. There is no subject attached to the verb

  • C

    Because enjoy isn’t correct it should be enjoyed.

  • A

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