Which organism from kingdom protista is most closely related to animals?

Which organism from kingdom protista is most closely related to animals?


These are the organisms that are considered to be the single celled protists most closely related to animals because the characteristics that can be found in these organisms are the characteristics that were probably present in the animal's ancestor organism. 

A seaweed is the answer.


1.The main difficulty with classifying organisms in the Kingdom Protista is their extreme diversity which gives rise to a very specific problem: all the rules used to describe them has some major exception. Many protists exhibit characteristics from two or more of the plant, animal and fungus kingdoms.

The only defining rule that applies to all protists is that they are eukaryotes.

2. Some of the main characteristics of the Kingdom Protista are:

- single celled organisms

- primarily aquatic in nature.

- most are are unicellular, with some colonial or multicellular species

- they lack specialized tissue organization.

- they have well defined nucleus with multiple DNA strands

- they have membrane bound organelles (mitochondria for cellular respiration and some species chloroplasts for photosynthesis)

- they can reproduce both sexually and asexually

- they are a major component of plankton

- movement is often achieved through flagella or cilia

Chracteristics reffers to some organisms from kingdon protista;

Eukaryotic, Mostly Unicellualar, Aquatic,  Posses mitochondaria, Parasitism, Asexual reproduction, Autotrophic, Heterotrophic.


Kingdom protista in one of five kingdoms and the term protista is derieved from "prortistos" meaning "the very first". The protists are considered as first eukaryotic life on earth.

Protistsa includes the Eukaryotic predominantly unicellular organisms. Protists are eukaryotic organisms and they cannot by classified as fungi, Plants or animals due to their chracteristics.

Entamoeba histolytica. Causes Dysentery.

Trypanosoma. Causes African sleeping sickness.

Balantidium Coli. Causes dysentery.

Plasmodium. Causes malaria.

Toxoplasm. Causes toxoplasmosis.



Protista are prokaryotes

Protista are unicellular

protists can be both autotrophic or heterotrophic.

Fungi are multicellular

Fungi are eukaryotes

Fungi are heterotrophs

Heterotrophic, Multicellular andEukaryotic organisms are grouped under Kingdom Fungi. Their mode ofnutrition is saprophytic as they use decaying organic matter as food. They have cell walls, which are made up of a substance called Chitin.

I believe that the protists were the first organisms on earth. And the other 5 kingdoms then came from the protists.

I think that's it! 🙂

Protists belong to the group eukaryotes (having their DNA enclosed inside the nucleus). They are not plants, nimals or fungi but they act like one. They can be in general subgroups such as unicellular algae, protozoa and molds. They thrive in environments with little sunlight. The answer is letter B.


thrive in wet environments

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