Which person advocated the reform of mental institutions?

Which person advocated the reform of mental institutions? horace mann dorothea dix susan b. anthony william lloyd garrison


The correct answer is Dorothea Dix. She was an advocate of people with mental issues and wanted to reform mental institutions. Often these places were like prisons and the people inside were treated horribly, beaten, m olested, even worse sometimes. She was a supporter of their rights and fought for a change.

Dorothea Dix


In the 1830s, Dorothea Dix traveled to Great Britain and observed that the methods used to treat the mentally ill who were poor were being reformed. Upon her return to the United States, Dix became concerned with how the mentally ill were treated, and she visited jails and poorhouses. She was appalled by the conditions that she found. Many mentally ill patients were treated the same as criminals and were often kept in cages. Dix advocated reform in the way that the mentally ill were treated and worked to get the government to build asylums. (Study Island)

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