Which phrase defines “muster” best?

Which phrase defines “muster” best? to anger someone to collect, gather to smile, laugh to run quickly


Gather to smile


"Muster" means gathering and showing.

to collect


The definition of muster is collect or assemble (a number or amount).

Hope this helps (srry if im wrong lol)

The phrase that best defines the word muster is B. to collect, gather.

The definition of this word is to assemble as for battle, display, inspection, orders, or discharge. However, it is also a synonym of collect, gather, conjure, or summon. As a verb, it can be used as a transitive verb, followed by an object, or as an intransitive verb.  

The correct answer is "to collect, gather".

It is commonly used with words such as "an army" or "troops".

To collect or gather is the correct answer, an example of why this is true being the phrase "Muster up the courage," because to do this would not be to smile or laugh up courage, nor to run quickly courage, nor to anger someone courage. It means to gather up your courage.

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