Which picture illustrates the prophase stage of mitosis?

Which picture illustrates the prophase stage of mitosis? a. a b. b c. c d. d


 that the chromatid pairs become visible

Mitosis occurs when the nucleus of the cell divides into two identical nuclei, each with the same type and number of chromosomes. The cell's DNA is duplicated during this phase. Sometimes the cell's DNA isn't copied properly resulting in cancer-type cells. 2. Cytokinesis is when the cytoplasm divides into two identical daughter cells. Each cell is genetically identical and both are a similar size. 

The answer is B. where nuclear membranes form around each set of chromosomes resulting in two nuclei.

Prophase is when the nuclear envelope is starting to break down and the chromatin is condensing. The picture that illustrates this is D.

For reference...
Picture A - Anaphase
Picture B - Telophase
Picture C - Metaphase
Picture D - Prophase

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