Which polynomial is a difference of two squares?

x2 + 25

x2 − 25

x2 − 10

x2 + 10

i know it doesnt have the ^ because when i copied and pasted it doesnt come out on here.

4 Answers

  • In general, you’ve missed out the “^” sign which denotes “raised to the power”.

    So all examples start with x^2 ie x squared.

    Which of 10 and 25 is a square?

    Which sign (+ or -) denotes “difference”?

  • x^2-25, because it always has to be a negative so that when you foil (first outter inner last) you can get the middle term to cancel. in this case you would get (x-5)(x+5) so you will get x^2+5x-5x-25 the middle term cancels leaving you with x^2-25.

  • x² – 25

  • x^2-25

    you can factorise it to (x+5)(x-5)

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